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Panther Bands

​Panthers March to Success

The North Platte Marching Band competes in multiple competitions in the season. This year has gone well as band members have transitioned under the direction of their new band teacher, Mr. Fedrizzi, a former North Platte student himself.

After the first competition on Saturday, October 12 in St. Joseph, Mr. Fedrizzi explains, “I thought we did excellent. The band really came together and showed up with pride… They focused on the little things and it really showed."

Congratulations to the Panther Marching Band who placed second in their division at Missouri Western's Homecoming parade competition.

Written by Eliza Knopp
NP Student
Published 10-20-2019

New Year, New Band The 2019-20 school year brought a new band teacher to the North Platte, and the high school musicians had to adjust to a different way of learning music. Mr. Fedrizzi is not new to North Platte, but he is to this group of students. Already making strides, as they do every year, the band improved a lot from the middle of summer when they went to band camp to start learning the marches and music. 

For anyone, adjusting to a new teacher or coach is not easy. “Change is always hard, for anyone. I hear coming in that Mr. Kauffman was a great teacher and a role model for these kids. The adjustment is slow, but we are really starting to come together and grow.” Mr. Fedrizzi claims. 

“Coming in I knew this band was great,” comments Mr. Fedrizzi. He is excited to have inherited such a talented group of students and to see how much more they can grow.

Written by Rayleigh Gann
NP Student Published 10-22-2019