2019-20 High School Cheerleaders

Back Row: Alysah Koch, Jordan Stone, Prowler, Kaitlynn Sample, Jessa Cassity, Ariana Hartigan.

Middle Row: Felicity Alicea, Preslee Sage, Tara Owens, Emily Vernon, Loren Patee, Madison O’Neill, Autumn O’Brien, Rayleigh Gann, Bella Kitmitto.

Front Row: Madison DeBord, Haylie Hensley, Frankie Davis.

Cheerleaders on SidelineCheerleaders Light Up the Sidelines

The 2019-20 Cheerleading team is comprised of 17 high school students. In this spirit activity, there are many aspects of their responsibilities, from cheering on the sidelines, to decorating lockers, to getting ready for pep rallies. They have a lot on their plates, but the Panther Cheer team works hard to get where they want to be. The cheerleaders have improved so much already over the course of the season thus far. 

"They work together in many capacities, but the way they have most improved in teamwork, though, shows through their stunting. They are working on being more trusting of the whole group rather than just a few people," Coach McCoy said about the girls. They work hard to get to the best of their abilities and make sure that they are satisfied with what they are doing. Just like any sport, the cheer team works hard to accomplish what they need to get done.  In one of their biggest weeks, the cheerleaders put in a lot of work to prepare the Homecoming pep rally: ready to move every morning at 6:30 am for a couple of weeks leading up to the big day. At every practice they push themselves to learn a new skill or perfect a stunt that keeps falling. They make sure that they look as good as they can.  “The cheer team's strengths are that they are very ambitious. They set high goals and work together as a team to achieve them," Coach Lammoglia explains. Written by Rayleigh Gann NP Student Published 10-20-19

High School Cheer Leads Mini Cheer Camp Mini cheer had a really fun time with the North Platte high school cheerleaders. Coach Lammoglia says, “We had 52 that signed up.” The kids met at the elementary gym to learn two cheers and a dance in September. Bad weather pushed back the performance, but on Friday, October 18, they finally had the opportunity to perform at halftime of the varsity football game.

“Having fun while teaching the kids is the point. You just dance around and have a good time,” quotes Rayleigh Gann, one of the high school cheerleaders. Her favorite part about mini cheer is watching the little kids enjoy themselves. But more than having a good time, “the kids learned how to work together and how to listen to instructions,” Rayleigh explains. 

Mini cheer was a great success for the kids and the cheerleaders. The next mini cheer performance will be at the basketball games on Friday, December 20.

Written by Jordan Stone NP Student Published 10-22-2019