2019-20 High School Football Team

footballPanthers Play Tough
The North Platte football team works hard daily and does everything they can to put themselves in the best position moving through the season. This team did not start out the way they wanted to. Coach Wright stated this about the football team, “I think the season has been one where we have not clicked on all cylinders. Maybe one aspect off, and we struggled because of it. However, we have gotten better each week, cleaned things up, and here we are.” They have had some tough weeks of competition, but have won two exciting home games and even brought home the Tobacco Stick once again this year. The players get better each week, which is the biggest part in Coach Wright’s eyes. The main goal for the football team from here on is to work hard daily and put themselves in the best spot moving towards districts. Written by Caine Huffman NP Student Published 10-20-2019

Football Team Looks Forward to Bonding Events The players love gathering at the Dearborn Christian Church every Thursday after practice to eat and chat with their teammates. They discuss their upcoming games, daily lives, and just enjoy each others company. Caine Huffman, one of the team's senior players, said, “I think it’s a good opportunity for the team to be together.” Another senior player came forward and said, “It’s a great way to just sit down and talk with the rest of my team over a great meal.” The coaches are also big fans of the team getting together once a week for a team bonding event. “Love it man, all is good: good food, good people, good times," says Coach Wright.

In order for these events to be such a success, parents and other community members pitch in. Gretchen Beatty, a football mom, exclaims,  “Providing the team, managers, and coaches a meal and time to get together on Thursdays has been an awesome experience.” But are the team bonding events successful in bringing the team closer? With the win against our rivals, West Platte, most would agree that team bonding has brought our team closer and help them play as a team instead of as individuals. Written by Zach Beatty NP Student Published 10-20-2019