2019 Softball Team

Back Row: Skyi Smith, Ryann Smith, Gracie Ramsey, Hailey Armstrong, Morgan Leach, Karli Guinn, Audrey Buckler, Taylor Sellars, Alaina Scroggins, Felicity Alicea, Coach Seckel. Middle Row: Kadence Costner, Jaylin Burgess, Kalli Schuster, Preslee Sage, Alexis Stewart, Madison Cunningham, Scarlett Slugantz, Autumn O’Brien, Ariana Hartigan, Carly Hinton. Front Row: Faith Gannaway, Shelby Mann, Ashlin Kampe, Alysah Koch, Jordyn Smith, Shelby Stapleton, Lonee French, Olivia Rogers, Loren Patee.

Exciting Season for Panther Softball The 2019 North Platte Softball team is coached by Farrah Seckel and Emilee Buckler. The team consists of a varsity and junior varsity this season with 28 players. When asked the difference between the team last year and this year, Coach Seckel claims, “The team is much more competitive this year than last since everyone is healthy for the most part. We are deep in numbers, so there are plenty of options if we need.” “It’s great to have so many out for softball. It helps the girls stay sharp if there is a possibility of competition for spots,” Seckel said in response to a question on the large participation this season. The coaches have been pushing the team to make them the best they can be. Coach Seckel and Coach Buckler have made this group of girls into the family they are now. When Coach Buckler was asked about the team she said, "I love coaching these girls. There is a lot of heart and talent throughout.” Reflecting on this year, senior Jordyn Smith says, "There are many amazing parts of being on the softball team, but my favorite has to be my teammates! I love how we are a family, they are like my sisters and I wouldn’t change it for the world! They have made my senior season better than I could have ever imagined!” Jordyn, this year's only senior softball player, has had a great impact on many of the players and will be missed greatly on the team next year.

Written by Ariana Hartigan NP Student Published 10-20-2019