Student Council

Student Council

Off to a Fun Start: StuCo Makes Big Plans for the Year Student Council is the voice of the students for concerns and organizing events in our school. The members, Amanda Ochoa, Tara Owens, Savannah Lingle, Jacob Scroggins, Alaina Scroggins, Ty French, Preslee Sage, Andrew Hernandez, Madison DeBord, McKenzie Brockhoff, Cameron Thompson, Jonas Pelot, Linsi Schimmel, Bella Kitmitto, Jaylin Burgess and  Riley Hyde, are working really hard to make this year as fun as possible.

They already organized Patriot’s Day and the Homecoming dance, and both of these events were successful. They also prepared for Veteran’s Day and have big plans for Courtwarming and prom.

When asked why she joined Student Council, Amanda Ochoa said that she “really likes being involved in her class and school,” and this club gives her the opportunity to do so. 

Written by Desiree Gaudio

NP Student

Published 11-20-19