2019-20 High School Volleyball Team
Back Row: Eliza Knopp, Allison Morelock, Trinity Whitford, Nikayla Lombard, Alyssa Zion, Emily Westwood, Brianna Bridger, Josie Roach, Tara Owens, Amanda Ochoa, Coach McInnis, Amy Cline. Middle Row: Rayleigh Gann, Brooke Meadows, Kenya Kirk, Siera Melton, Kyla Spradlin, Brooklyn Dunn, Haley Sampson, Shelby Lingle, Bailey Richardson, Jordan Stone. Front Row: Haylie Hensley, Frankie Davis, McKenzie Brockhoff, Madelyn Cheadle.

Welcome to North Platte Volleyball 2019! 

For the upcoming season the coaching staff will again be Coach McInnis and Coach Lee.

Pre-season practices will begin on Monday, August 12th from 9am -11am Monday through Friday until the start of school. Practices will be M-F from 3:30-to 5:45 pm for the remainder of the season. Practices will start on time so be early. State eligibility rules require that every player attend a minimum of 14 practices before they are allowed to play. Whether you are an experienced player or beginner there are always new expectations, procedures, and ideas that will be discussed throughout the season so plan to attend every practice so that you can not only play, but so that you are also ready to help your team to the best of your ability. 

Make sure you have what you need on the first day; and be on time so you don’t miss anything.

Items needed in order to play….

  1. A current physical completely filled out and signed by your doctor, as well as a concussion information form completely filled out. (Some of you may have already done this and turned it in. So double check.)

  2. Volleyball appropriate shoes

  3. Black spandex shorts with a minimum of a 4” inseam and no other decoration than a logo.

  4. Volleyball appropriate practice clothing. Further dress code information will be provided during the player and parent meetings. For the first day follow the standard school handbook policy and/or what we discussed last season.

  5. Optional equipment includes things such as knee pads and ankle braces. Every player is encouraged to purchase volleyball specific ankle braces. Ankle injuries are very common among Volleyball athletes. Neither coach is a certified athletic trainer therefore we DO NOT tape people up! There are many braces available at all the major sports stores as well as on the internet. If you think you need a brace of some kind then you should make the effort to pick one up. For ankles I recommend “Active Ankle”.

For parents, there will be a parent/coaches meeting at 6:00pm on Tuesday the 13th of August. There will be a variety of information to handout and discuss. Coaches will be available for any questions, comments, or ideas that may arise. We are also looking for parents that are willing to volunteer occasionally at games to serve as line judges. This will be further discussed at the parent meeting.

Thank you for supporting North Platte Volleyball. Both coaches are excited about the opportunity to work with all players, and parents, and for the possibilities that the upcoming season presents.

You can contact Coach McInnis at 816-309-2073 or scott.mcinnis@nppanthers.org

Again, let me welcome you to North Platte Volleyball 2019,

Coach Scott McInnis

Volleyball Schedule
Panther Volleyball Team Shows their Spirit The 2019 Panther Volleyball team is coach by Scott McInnis and Doug Lee. They have good participation numbers this year, allowing for a Freshman team, Junior Varsity team, and Varsity team. They had a great start to the volleyball season. Coach Lee explains, “I am very pleased with how this season is going. I have seen a lot of skill development growth.” The players have put in a lot of hard work. The coaches' goals for this season were to get the players to love the game, play to the best of their abilities, to get better at every practice and game, and be competitive in any game they play. And it's been evident that the players have been striving for these goals as well, with their energetic and spirited attitudes at the games. Good job Lady Panthers, and good luck in your journey through Districts! Written by Jordan Stone NP Student Published 10-20-2019